We Are The Brown Berets

The Brown Berets are dedicated to preserving the past, protecting the present and creating a future throughout the barrios of the world. We are not bound by borders nor are we limited by political ideology. We are a grassroots organization in its truest form and refuse to be constrained and categorized by the title of a non-profit organization. We will build a consensus through community outreach and will strive to help guide our youth towards a future free of oppression, stereotypes and injustice. We believe that our communities best know how to deal with our unique challenges and as such shall strive to find the answers and solutions to such challenges from within our own community. We welcome all individuals regardless of race or gender to participate with us in our mission, however the Brown Berets historically have been a Chicano Nationalist Organization and shall continue to stay true to their original founding principles. Our structure is military so that we may have the discipline necessary to organize, mobilize and protect our community. We are committed to non-violencehowever we have the right to protect ourselves at all costs. We are an organization building on a proud history of accomplishments and we recognize that “El Movimiento” does not belong to one group of individuals but rather to every Chicana and Chicano that has participated or supported “La Causa” Over the past 40 years. We recognize all Brown Beret Units throughout the World and shall support them if called upon in their hour of need. We recognize the mistakes of the past and will learn from them and strive not to repeat them in the future. We are open to dialogue with any organization however we reserve the right to decide our own future and shall develop a strategy independently of any other organization. We are the Brown Berets

Who We Are


La Causa” Over the past 40 years.

We are a group of Chicano revolutionaries of all age’s from the barrios of the Southwest fighting for the self-determination of our people. We organize in our barrios, publish the newspaper La Causa, we ran a free clinic and fight against police brutality as well as against the U.S. war in Vietnam and Iraq.

The Brown Beret is a symbol of the pride in our culture, race and history. It also symbolizes our anger and militancy and fight against the long history of injustice against the Chican@ people in the U.S., especially the Southwest. We claim the Southwest as Aztlan, the original homeland of the indigenous Aztec ancestors and founders of Mexico City, Tenochtitlan. We are from poor working class families growing up with the racism and police abuse. We are the Brown Berets still fighting the power!




















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