Committed to the defense of the Chicano Nation of Aztlan Thank you for your interest in learning about the  Aztlanecas Brown Berets.  

The  Aztlanecas Brown Berets (ABB) was founded in 2020 in order to revive the Brown Berets. At the time the Brown Berets were virtually unheard of and were dying out. The ABB was founded with the goal of bringing back the Brown Beret movement by establishing a national presence and returning to the original ideology, structure, and mission. 

We have grown into the largest and most active organization of Brown Berets. We have worked with dozens of Chicano and non-Chicano organizations and have participated in hundreds of demonstrations, marches, protests, events, and activities. These activities include the fight for Chicano studies in Arizona, fighting for student rights in California Community Colleges, and changing the lives of thousands of youth and adults nationwide through our outreach activities. 

Where We Have Been and Where We are Going The original Brown Berets were founded in 1967 as a Chicano Nationalist organization committed to fighting police brutality in the Chicano Community and to address institutionalized racism. The military structure was adopted and they were organized for the physical defense of the community. The Brown Berets motto is: “To Serve, Observe, and Protect”. Within years the Brown Berets had grown to thousands of members and their accomplishments were vast. They were the militant arm of the Chicano Movement and had become the Chicano Army of Aztlan. 

Because of the Brown Berets success they were infiltrated by government agents and systematically destroyed. In 1972 they were officially disbanded. They did not emerge again until 1992 when they were re-chartered and began their organizing efforts. 

Our vision is to establish a ABB unit in every city where Raza lives to provide them the protection and essential services that only the Brown Berets can give. In addition to our upcoming non-profit work including drug and gang intervention, prisoner rehabilitation, food pantry, and self-defense training, we will be opening a Chicano Academy to mentor and train new leaders and an FM radio station broadcasting in Chicano Communities. This is the beginning of the Chicano Revolution. 

Membership Programs We hope that after reading this you would make a conscious decision to join the Brown Berets. There are two options for membership; one is an Associate Member and the other option is for you to become a full-fledged Brown Beret Soldier. You can learn more about our programs including the requirements and benefits on our website. The Brown Berets are for those who are serious about taking their activism to the next level. We hope that whether you choose to join us or not we can be a source of inspiration and strength for you as you live out your Chicano experience. We appreciate your support. 

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1. As a member of the   National Brown Beret   I have committed myself to be a dedicated and sincere servant to my community and my people, by all means necessary. Therefore it is an absolute must that I conduct myself in a mature manner at all times. I must remember that I am a Brown Beret 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

2. A Beret must be worn with pride and dignity.

3. A Beret must remain in good standing with the Brown Beret Organization at all times.

4. A Beret’s decision is always the right decision. The only wrong decision is to not make a decision.

5. A Beret must stand together with his or her Brother Berets in all activities and assembly.

6. A Beret will make all mandatory meetings when called and informed of the meetings. If he or she fails to make a mandatory meeting he or she must contact the Sgt of Arms or the Captain. Failure to comply will result in being placed on an inactive list.

7. If there is no meeting within a week or two it is the Beret’s responsibility to contact the Sgt at Arms or the Captain.

8. There must be 2 Berets to attend an outside event.(when possible)

9. A Beret is not to partake in drunken behavior or the use of illegal drugs while wearing his Beret or anything bearing the name of the Brown Berets.

10. A Beret is the voice for the people and the community who do not have a voice.

11. A Beret will access every situation and attempt to resolve problems before confrontations.

12. Every Beret will be knowledgeable of first aide.

13. There are no weapons allowed at marches.

14. A Beret may not have a criminal background of child molestation or as a sex offender past or present.

15. A Brown Beret is a Beret for life unless he or she becomes a menace to the Organization, turns his or her back on his or her fellow Berets, or betrays the trust of his or her fellow Beret.

16. The Brown Berets will have a paramilitary structure.

17. When two Berets have a conflict within the organization it must be brought to the table in front of all the Berets, where a solution will be found. If either of the Berets does not conform to the solution then both will be terminated.

18. All Berets are leaders of the community and are able to recruit anyone into the organization.

19. Our only and foremost weapon is knowledge.

20. This document serves as the guide lines for the Brown Beret organization.

As a member of the  National Brown Beret , I have commited myself to be dedicated and sincere servant to my community and my people, by all means necessary. Therefore it is an absolute must that I conduct myself in a mature manner at all times. I must remember that I am a Brown Beret 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our only foremost weapon is KNOWLEDGE


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